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Since 1982 The Sports Museum has been my life's work. Our mission serves the community through preserving and presenting our region's unmatched sports heritage and utilizing that heritage to inspire and support our area's youth through a series of impactful award winning community outreach programs such as Boston vs Bullies and Stand Strong. We've recently added the "All In" program for third and fourth graders as a lead in to the lessons conveyed in our anti-bullying program. These are programs that help change, and even save lives. 

I hope you will consider continuing to  support my effort to help fund these programs. Over the past five years I've raised $37,753. to better the lives of the kids served by our programs.  Thanks to the late Don Rodman, his Rodman Ride team, and all my friends for their support. 

It helps make a big difference in the best sports community on earth.

ISince 1991, the Rodman Ride for Kids has raised over $150 million for youth-focused non-profits and the kids they serve. With your support, we will impact the lives of thousands more young people this year! One donation can have an impact 


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