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A better future begins with investing in the youth in our communities. This includes supporting education, health, social, and creative development. Rodman for Kids shines a light on possibilities and potential, creates pathways, and provides access to a better future for kids in need of support.

The Key Program, Inc. is a Charity Partner of Rodman for Kids and we are participating in the 2024 Rodman For Kids because we believe every young person deserves access to the programs, resources, and opportunities they need to dream, grow, and succeed. Rodman for Kids is committed to raising resources, building capacity, and creating opportunities for youth-focused organizations, their leaders, and most importantly, the kids they serve.

Since 1991, the Rodman Ride for Kids has raised over $150 million for youth-focused non-profits and the kids they serve. Please join us or support our team! One donation can have an impact on every organization and the thousands of kids collectively served.



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