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You can impact kids in our area! Since 2003, LUK Mentoring has matched 100's of vulnerable youth in central Massachusetts ages 6-17 with trained, positive adult role models. Your contribution will increase the number of youth we are able to pair with a mentor who will provide guidance, friendship and help a young person achieve their goals. 

"When I am feeling down he is there for me. When I'm having problems at home he helps me work through them."

"I think my mentor has learned from me to not take life too seriously and enjoy life because you only live once."

You helped us achieve our goal through a couple tough years so lets keep the momentum going. You can ride the day of the Rodman Ride OR you can walk, run, spin, or do another activity you enjoy from now through September.  Please consider registering as a rider or a "choose my own adventure" rider or supporting our team! 

Ride Date: 9/24/2022

Registration cut off: 9/22/2022

Donation cut off: 11/1/2022 @ 11:45 PM



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