Thank you so much for joining us for the 2021 Rodman Ride for Kids! We are excited to have you participate in supporting our many matches in Central Massachusetts who benefit from positive adult role models.  LUK Mentoring serves children ages 6-17 by connecting them with a positive adult role model.  While we are funded through grants, we raise extra funding through private donors to give our youth and mentors additional opportunities to spend time together.   These funds allow us to give the youth experiences they may not have had otherwise. 

A big THANKS to RFK for hosting us as sub-team! The Ride is limiting the number of rider bibs this year which means all LUK Mentoring participants must "Choose Your Own Adventure," which is great because you can choose an activity you like to do. That can be bike riding on your own, spinning, walking, or even acts of kindness! YOU pick.

Please join us or support our team! 



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