Help us to empower youth in CFP's programs and prepare them to become independent and self-sufficient members of our communities. It's important to invest in your community if you want to see a change in it. The Rodman Ride for Kids is a fun way to do just that.

We want you and your friends on the CFP Rodman Ride for Kids cycling team. This race is for anyone who knows how to ride a bike. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself, do something fun & give back to the community while burning calories! Once you join the CFP team you'll get a team cycling jersey, a pack of riders to ride with, and you're guaranteed a good time!

You can even do a VIRTUAL RIDE! That's right, you can do a virtual ride and just raise money from your couch. You won't burn as many calories or course, but you'll still be doing something really great for kids in foster care. And if that sounds too hard just support one of the riders with a donation; let the riders do all the pedaling while you support a good cause.  You've got lots of options. 


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