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Hello, friends! I am participating as a 50-mile rider in the Boston PAL (Police Activities League) Rodman Ride for Kids. As President of the PAL Board of Directors, I feel strongly that every young person deserves access to the programs, resources, and opportunities that will help them dream, grow, and succeed. 

Please help me support PAL by making a donation to my Rodman Ride for PAL Kids fundraising.  

Any amount you can give will make a difference.  All donations are tax deductible. Donating online is safe and easy.  Simply click the 'Support Me' button above.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Emily Neill

Boston PAL is dedicated to promoting positive relationships between the community and law enforcement.  We support programs and initiatives that IMPACT, INSPIRE and EMPOWER our youth and guide them towards a successful future.


 Since 1991, the Rodman Ride for Kids has raised over $148 million for youth-focused non-profits and the kids they serve and since 1985 PAL has provided over $10 million to support community and youth engagement programs and events through the city .  This year PAL is partnering with the Rodman Ride for Kids to raise funds to impact disadvantaged youth by creating connection, belonging and confidence, while fostering positive mentor relationships with the police.


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