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I am riding to support the Rodman Ride for Kids because I believe every young person deserves access to the programs, resources, and opportunities they need to dream, grow, and succeed.   The money that I am raising will support YES - Youth Enrichment Services.  I have been involved with YES for over 20 years.  YES gives youth in Boston and surrounding communities outdoor experiences and leadership opportunities to help them reach future goals.  

Early on I was drawn to this organization and worked with kids in the operation snow sport program.  Kids are given the opportunity to experience snow sports.  I was a ski instructor for approximately 10 years.  Learning to ski as an adult I loved watching kids experience a sport that I love and be able to spend the day stepping outside of their comfort zone.  

Beyond the winter months youth have the ability to experience mountain biking (learning to bike), kayaking, hiking, track and field during the rest of the year.  

I remain involved with YES sharing my expertise helping youth with the college finance process.  I serve as a resource for the organization and their students, helping when questions come up about paying for college, participating in the scholarship committee and providing drop in services when needed.  

Youth Enrichment Services so much more to low income kids and their families.  While it gives them access to experience the outdoors it also helps them build confidence and develop skills and lifelong friendships.  Please support me and the important work that YES does.  Every little bit helps and your donation will help YES to continue to provide these programs at little to no cost to children and teens in the Boston area.   


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