When I was introduced to the work of Big Sister Boston a couple years ago, I was immediately moved by the impact a small group of dedicated staff and volunteers can have in the lives of girls across the Greater Boston area. Thousands of young women (Little Sisters) benefit annually through guidance and friendships with adult women (Big Sisters) and the trajectory of these girls' lives is changed as a result - through the simple acts of caring and showing up consistently. 

I'm riding in this year's Rodman Rid for Kids on behalf of Big Sister Boston to ensure this work can continue and grow in BIG ways - pun included for your enjoyment. More below on that, but please consider making a gift of $10, $25, $50 or more. Consider sponsoring each mile of my 50+ -mile virtual ride. Better yet, join my team and help raise a few hundred or a few thousand dollars that will directly benefit Big Sister's mission to elevate and amplify girls! 

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Big Sister is an organization that operates on a tight budget, so every dollar matters, helping to advance better outcomes for all girls - no tests or exams required. It's a come-as-you-are, loved-for-who-you-are organization - no matter what. 

Sometimes a Big Sister is the only consistent, trusted and meaningful non-family member adult figure in the lives of the young women being served by the organization. Prior to the spread of CV19, schools were a place these relationships might flourish. But now, more and more girls are experiencing the direct and negative impact of isolation, rising health risks in their communities, the realities of racial inequities and violence across our nation, and the economic toll of the past 18-plus months on their families. If $2,500 (the cost to match a Big Sister to a Little) helped solve that for one young woman by giving them a mentor, guide and friend to rely on outside of their home life, would that be too steep a cost? 

I'm raising funds for Big Sister because until I can write the big check the least I can do is share the org's incredible mission and work with my wonderful network of friends and family. Ride with me, donate, or even just share with someone else who is passionate about igniting girls' passions through mentoring - no matter who they are or where they come from. 

Thank you for your time, awareness and financial support! See you in the saddle soon.