I'm happy to share that I've made it my personal goal to ride 50 miles for Sportsmen's as part of the virtual Rodman Ride for Kids!  I have soooo many reasons to ride:  I hope one of them will resonate with you and you'll support my ride:

  • In my 12 years at Sportsmen's, the only year that Sportsmen's had a team that didn't include me was last year, after my shoulder surgery;
  • Sportsmen's has to raise at least 40% of our budget with philanthropy, and we can't afford to lose the funds generated through The Rodman Ride;
  • Even the Sportsmen's Tennis Ball will be virtual this year, and with no table sales or ad book, we have our work cut out for us;
  • Our staff has continued to provide academic and social support for our youth since March, will continue to do so right through summer camp, and will be there in an expanded format in the fall;
  • Continuing the ride honors the life and legacy of Don Rodman.

Won't you join me by sponsoring my ride?

Thank you,

Toni Wiley, Chief Executive Officer