Hey All!

I'm excited to be raising money for Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Center! Located in Dorchester, Sportsmen's leverages tennis to open doors of opportunity for youth in some of Bostonā€™s most underserved communities. Like many nonprofits, STEC has to face a number of challenges due to Covid-19, ranging from a disproportionate impact of the virus on the communities it serves to the difficulties of operating at lower than average capacity. Furthermore, I'm sure the shutdown of all the running/bicycling/etc. events this summer is impacting a key fundraising channel. Let's try to do our best to change that last one!

This year, in true Covid-19 (and suburban!) fashion, I'm going to be pledging to average 1000 kJ per week on the Peloton... from July 27th through the culmination of the Rodman ride in September. Hopefully I can post some updates on this page so you can see how it's going (and hold me accountable!). Furthermore, if we break through $1500, I will up my Peloton target to 1500 kJ per week from that point forward (though this might end up being a bit of a stretch goal!)

UPDATE: Now targeting 1500 kJ per week (as promised!) Thanks, All!