Summer 2020

Hello friend,

I hope you and your family are physically, emotionally and spiritually well during this time of pandemic.  As we seek to socially distance ourselves, stay at home and apply best practices to slow the transmission of the disease I have found time to reflect. 

To my way of thinking the Massachusetts state government, city and local leaders are working prudently to strike a balance between public safety and restoring operations so that all of us can work, study and enjoy recreational activities with reduced risk of becoming ill.    

This approach has led to this year’s virtual Rodman Ride for Kids and I am riding 50 miles to support Boston Connects Trinity Education Excellence Program (TEEP).  I am asking for your support to help me raise $1,500.00 dollars.  Our team has a goal of $30,000.  There is no amount too small to make a difference.  Your generosity is appreciated, and I am deeply grateful for your support.  

My wife and I supported the Rodman Ride financially from its earliest years.  It was twenty-two years ago that we started participating as riders.  Linda would ride twenty-five miles and I would ride fifty miles.  

This journey with other Team Trinity riders has forged bonds of friendship and experiences that are especially meaningful at this time.  I think about the training rides north, west, and south of Boston.  Rides in Rhode Island and one on Martha’s Vineyard.  And of course, rides along the Charles River and the Minuteman Bike Way.

This year is different but the cause remains the same, to make a difference in the lives of our youth.   TEEP’s programs assist youth create the foundations that support aspirational goals and result in a society that we all can be proud.   That is the primary reason I ride.

March of this year William Barnwell died, and Covid-19 is suspected.  During his time as associate rector at Trinity he was the architect and principal that started TEEP.  I am also riding to honor William Barnwell’s memory and his contribution to TEEP and Trinity.  

Thank you very much for taking time to read my story.   When we each take time to reflect on our different journeys and experiences, we can be grateful for the miles we have traveled literally and figuratively. 

Best wishes for continued health and God’s mercy.  

Thank you,

Harvey A. Davidson