I am riding to support the Rodman Ride for Kids because I believe every child in our community should be granted access to the outside world, plus everyone should be getting plenty of exercise every day to keep their bodies fit and healthy of course!

Since 1991, The Rodman Ride for Kids has raised over $143 million to support at-risk youth. With your support, we will impact the lives of thousands more young people this year.

What a wild ride it’s been over the last 6 months given the current circumstances that we’ve been facing lately. I’m extremely grateful to be given this opportunity and be a participant in The Rodman Ride this year, along with finding new ways to fundraise for Waypoint. 

They‘re a prime example to me for which I’ve continued to challenge myself which has had a huge impact in success for my family and I over their 10 years of being an extraordinary business!

Waypoint makes it known that everyone should be able to have access to nature and make sure it happens which is something I’ve admired about them during my time there which I’ve enjoyed with enthusiasm and great pride too. The things they do are just incredibly remarkable!