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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Steve's Waypoint Fun-Run Fundraising site! My name is Steve and I work for Waypoint Adventure as the volunteer and program coordinator. Waypoint runs adventure education programs for people with disabilities.  During my 3 years as a Waypoint staff member, I've witnessed these adventure programs transform lives and demonstrate to folks what they are capable of achieving when they embrace challenge. 

This year for fundraising, Waypoint Adventure teamed up with the Rodman Ride for Kids! While the Rodman Ride for Kids is typically a bike ride, this year, they gave the option for folks to take on a unique challenge/goal to overcome prior to the end of September. During quarantine, I started running. In the past few months, I've done many short and long runs in Boston. I've set no serious running goals except to enjoying the time outside and to push. And for the first time in my life, I've learned to enjoy running. So, for my Rodman Ride, I'll be doing a running challenge, but with a twist. 

In the theme of learning  what you are “capable of achieving when you embrace challenge,” – I’ve decided to do a single run.  The route of my run is clear: The Boston Marathon. 

Here’s where you come in: it's up to you, as donors, to set how much of the course I will ultimately run! For every $20 donated through this fundraising site, I will run 1 mile of the route. So, if I raise only $200, I'll be running 10 miles out of the full 26.2 miles. My goal is to raise $500, and if I raise more than $500, I'll try to run faster! 

The date to reach the goal is by September 20th! To be clear: I'm excited at the opportunity to run the whole route, so help make that a possibility! By donating through one of Waypoint Adventure's specific Rodman Ride for Kids sites (like this one), we are able to receive opportunities for monetary matches and other special benefits. 

Since we’re in a virtual world - throughout the run, I will post updates through social media (either on my personal account or through Waypoint), so you will be able to find out, in real-time, how it's going (aka how much I'm walking). The date of the run has not been set yet, but it will be sometime in the last two weeks of September.  Also, the person who donates the most will have the honor of their name appearing in a message on my shirt/backpack during the run (or whatever you prefer). Example of a potential message: "((Name here) made me run. Thank you!)". Lastly, with a donation to this fundraising page, you will help Waypoint Adventure continue to provide access to adventure opportunities for all. 

Thank you and I hope that you consider supporting Waypoint Adventure (and myself!) through the Rodman Ride for Kids donation drive.