It's my 3rd year doing the Rodman Ride for Kids, as part of the NESCA team for AANE (Asperger/Autism Network).  This year, we'll be staying safe, not riding in a pack on ride day, but instead, Choosing our own Challenge.  I'm excited to raise the bar for myself.  I've set a goal of riding 400 miles between now, mid-July, and the "date" of the ride, Sept 26th.  I plan on getting out of my comfort zone and taking longer, less familiar rides.  

100% of the funds that I raise will directly support AANE’s programs and services. AANE is a small nonprofit that provides an outsize amount of support to individuals and families contending with autism.  As a neuropsychologist, I could not do my job as well without AANE, since, after the evaluation and diagnosis, they provide information, education, community, support, and advocacy to individuals — all in an inclusive atmosphere of validation and respect.  They help families with tricky issues such as disclosure, parenting and school advocacy. Their ability to provide counseling to neurodiverse couples has helped many.  Perhaps more importantly, they provide a community for many people who previously had none, through game nights, trivia teams, an artist collaborative and more.  Personally, AANE has helped me more fully understand and appreciate individuals with autism.   

Your donation of any amount will help me reach my fundraising goal. 

Please know how much your support means to me and the thousands of individuals and families AANE serves each year.