I have started the #joymakerchallenge2020 to support Above the Clouds, the charity I have volunteered with for the last three years. ATC brings joy and hope through the wonder of flight to kids facing adversity. Between now and September 30th, I will be posting weekly on social media to thank and appreciate the JOYMAKERS in my life.

 If this post brings YOU joy today, I hope you will do four things:

 1)    Consider donating here to support Above the Clouds’ awesome programs for kids. ALL donations are much appreciated.

 2)    Using the hashtag #joymakerchallenge2020, post a photo or video of someone or something that brings you joy. Tag them and others to invite them to participate in the #joymakerchallenge2020.

 3)    Click on the ATC Joymakers Team link above to join my ATC Joymakers Team and help us raise funds for ATC kids!  

4)    During the pandemic, ATC has started to do Dream Flyovers to bring joy to kids while social distancing from 1000 feet above!  Take a 5 minute JOY break and check out the NBC Dream Flyover coverage and our January Dream Flight Day video

ATC kids programs are funded 100% by donations. Thank you so much for supporting Above the Clouds, to keep spreading joy and hope to kids!

Sam Gornstein