I am riding 50 miles to support the Rodman Ride for Kids because I believe every child in our community should have the opportunity to live the way we would want our own kids to live. Since 1991, the Rodman Ride for Kids has raised over $143 million to support at-risk youth. With your support, we will impact the lives of thousands more young people this year. 

I ride for AANE for a couple reasons.

  1. My daughter Nola is always changing, and I continue to rely on AANE and their tremendously knowledgeable and empathetic community as new questions and issues arise. The connections I’ve made with other parents have been invaluable, and I have learned so much from them.    

  2. What AANE does to support autistic adults is the long game. They provide support for managing higher education, building a career, navigating relationships, and so many other things that are important for a fulfilling life but can be especially challenging for people who aren’t neurotypical. 

I support AANE because of the way they support families across the lifespan. As a parent, they help me now to identify supports for Nola, and when she's an adult, they will offer supports to her directly. It helps me rest easier knowing that AANE's mission is to help people with Asperger Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles build meaningful, connected lives.   

I'd appreciate your support.

With gratitude,



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