Boston Community Pediatrics - 2020 Rodman Ride for Kids

Join us on September 26, 2020

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Together we will build a new model of healthcare delivery for all children.


This is Team BCP’s first year participating in the Rodman Ride for Kids, and we are thrilled to be participating in this fun and important event! While the event looks a bit different this year, we are confident that, with your help, we can raise the critical funds necessary to make the Boston Community Pediatrics’ vision a reality and provide top-notch, comprehensive, and relationship-driven pediatric care to all children

Boston Community Pediatrics (BCP) is a nonprofit pediatric private practice, the first of its kind in Massachusetts. BCP is a new model of innovative pediatric healthcare that addresses the social determinants of health within a relationship-driven framework. Our mission is simple: to bring equity to pediatric healthcare by providing families with the high-quality medical care they deserve and setting them on a path toward health and wellness

First, BCP will deliver care on-site in a private practice setting where patients can receive primary care, mental health services, case management, pediatric wellness support, and community resources all under one roof. This is vital to ensuring that a child’s direct healthcare needs, along with the social determinants that underlie health, are being addressed simultaneously. Second, telehealth will be available for patients when an in-person visit is not necessary or possible. Finally, BCP’s mobile medical clinic will meet patients directly in their communities to provide primary care services and deliver immunizations. By having providers travel to patients’ neighborhoods, patients can more readily access care while providers learn about their lived experiences. Together, we will work toward shifting established power dynamics between providers and patients.

Now, more than ever, we need a healthcare system that brings true equity to those who are most vulnerable. Join us as we create a movement to change the way healthcare is delivered to all children. Ride with Team BCP today.