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Join us on September 26, 2020

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30th Annual Rodman Ride for Kids

we will not be stopped.

Isolation – a word that many know the definition of, but have not experienced its true meaning until going through this pandemic.  Your world has closed in, the walls of your house are your sanctuary and every trip into the outside world comes with challenges, anxiety, stress and fear as you navigate this new world.

Welcome to the world of many people in the disabled community.  Isolation is something that they are all too familiar with.  The outside world is not inclusive, is not accessible, and is not understanding of the inherent challenges that having a disability brings.  Stairs can feel like Everest, ordering food can be discouraging, translation services aren't available, and the looks and comments you get from others can be discouraging and you ultimately feel unwelcome.

Disability is NOT synonymous with inability.  Waypoint Adventure was founded in 2010 as an educational organization that uses quality experiential and adventure-based programs to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities and show them that they can do things they never thought possible.

Join us for our first Rodman Ride for Kids virtual fundraising event.  We’re asking you to pledge to get outside, set a goal for yourself (or your team), choose an activity that you can get your friends and family to support - all while raising money for Waypoint Adventure.   You can always 'Choose your own Adventure - Waypoint style' by signing up to hike (we're trying to get a crew together to complete the all sections of the bay circuit trail), bike or rock climb.  Want to brainstorm some other ideas? Reach out to Miriam at mtalamini@waypointadventure.org and she's happy to help!

So unleash your creativity, join the Waypoint team - start adventuring today - and we can't wait to see what you come up with!