Wildflower Rides the 2020 Virtual Rodman Ride

Join us on September 26, 2020

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Wildflower and the 30th Annual Rodman Ride for Kids

we will not be stopped.

This year's Rodman Ride will be an event like no other. We may ride alone. We may ride together.  We may ride virtually.  But no matter what...we will ride. Since 2011, Wildflower has been a proud affiliate of the Rodman Ride. Because Rodman underwrites all expenses related to the event, every dollar we raise is used to support our families and campers. Please join us. Together, we will make this the best ride ever. 

You don't have to get on a bike to make a difference.  Walk, run, ride, whatever you do just start now!  The kids need us now more than ever.  Help us give every young person in our community, especially Wildflower's campers, the opportunities to dream and succeed.