I am riding to support TextLess Live More, a student-led, national awareness campaign, established by friends of my daughter, Merritt, after Merritt was hit and killed by a distracted driver in on July 2, 2013.  

The TextLess Live More mission is to spread the word about the life-changing dangers of driving distracted and influence legislative changes to make hands free the law across the US.   Partnered with SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, TLLM has reached close to 1 million students since inception. 


People around the country and the world–family, friends, friends of friends, colleagues, people who had never met Merritt –have been affected and moved by Merritt’s story and have provided much-needed support for  TextLess Live More to grow the impact we have had and continue to have, ultimately saving lives.   

Thank you for your generosity and support.  And most importantly, thank you for putting your phone down when you're behind the wheel.