At Rodman for Kids we believe every kid should be given opportunities to dream, succeed, and to simply have fun and be a kid.   

Becoming a mom helped me to see our mission in a whole new light.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, and like many of you our family is fortunate to have our “village” that will help us give our son endless opportunities, perspectives, guidance, and experiences.  

Unfortunately, this is not the reality for far too many of our community’s children and families.  And, in the current climate, young people who were already facing incredible challenges have had their critical support systems at school and programs taken away or, at best, drastically changed. They need us now, more than ever.  

I believe it is our job to BE THE VILLAGE for kids who need our help. To show our support for all the kiddos out there who deserve equitable opportunities, and in remembrance of a man whom I looked up to and admired, Don Rodman, Teddy and I will be walking 300 miles between now and Ride Day on September 26. If you want to be part of the village too, please consider making a donation.   

100% of your contribution will support the 30+ youth-focused organizations we work with at Rodman for Kids in their incredible efforts to make a difference for kids.

Teddy met Don twice before he passed in August, 2019.